ASZK Animal Husbandry Guidelines


Welcome to the animal husbandry guidelines section of the ASZK website. This is a resource we hope is valuable to all keepers around the world. Please note that the guidelines and manuals listed are to provide guidance and the information in some of these may not always be suitable in every situation.


We would like to keep this area updated as much as possible so if you have any husbandry guidelines or similar you would like to share please contact Liz Romer on


Likewise if you find a problem with any of these guidelines/manuals please contact  Liz above.


If you would like to do a husbandry guidelines please click here for the format or if you are interested in doing guidelines for an invertebrate species please click here.


Please note that we have recently changed the name from husbandry manuals to husbandry guidelines to reflect the fact that these are for guidance only and not strictly manuals to be followed verbatum.
To access the taxa you are interested in please click below














Rearing, training and enrichment

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