2021 ASZK Photography Competition – Submissions closed!

2021 ASZK Wildlife Photography Competition

Fancy yourself as a bit of an aspiring wildlife photographer?

How would you like to see your very own shots on the front cover of the Thylacinus for all ASZK members to see?

It’s simple, the competition is open to anyone, so feel free to share with your friends. Here is all you need to know to get started…


Categories are:
1) Enrichment and Training – Show us your inspiring shots, great interactions, or utter enrichment bliss.
2) Funny Animal Moments – Show us your hilarious shots or candid moments. (You can add a small caption if you would like, 10 words max submitted with the image).
3) Animals in the Wild – Hit us with your best shot!
4) Artistic Animal shot – Let’s get creative!


Judging and Prizes

The ASZK committee will pick the two best photos in each category.

Then ASZK members can select their favourites! The best of each category will be displayed on the front cover of Thylacinus– the quarterly journal of the ASZK covering interesting updates in zookeeping from across the region.

Then, the People’s Choice (best of all categories) will earn its photographer honorary ASZK membership for a year!

Prints of the finalists may be auctioned off at the conference to assist with the Society’s ongoing objective of supporting the professional development of keepers in our region.

So get snapping, and let your photography earn you membership! Be sure to check Facebook to see some of the entries. Please stay tuned for more information about voting for your favourite photos!­­